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An Update on Our Business

2022 brought some unexpected changes to the Frazier Mountain Fly Fishing family.


Please click the link below to learn what to expect from our website this year as the dust settles in our lives.

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Rod Parts

Check out our current selection of Rod Parts!

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Tubes / Cases

  • Wright & McGill Granger GV9053 (9ft. Victory) Fiber Rod Case

    Original label is still in place and about 90%-95% (all specs are legible)-I have covered the entire tube in clear plastic shrink wrap to protect it-Bottom cap is partially loose and could be re-glued although it isn’t necessary, especially with the plastic shrink wrap now enveloping it-Save the afore mentioned flaw the condition is Excellent.


    Price: $45.00


    Inv. Number: BRP19

  • Bristol Rod Bag

    2 Compartments each approx. 2” wide by 41 ½” deep – A nice find for someone that has a vintage Bristol rod in need of a bag – Condition: Overall is Good (No holes in fabric; Label has deteriorated in places, but still has legible script left on both sides


    Price: $3.00


    Inv. Number: RP46

Miscellaneous Parts

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What's New!

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