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Handyman Specials

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Check out our current selection of Handyman Specials!


These project rods (Handyman Specials) range in condition, from needing simple repairs to put them back on the water too requiring a full restoration to bring them back to their former glory.


Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, there is most likely a project rod listed that matches your personal skill level.


We do our best to represent the accurate state of the rod in the description and images, and as a result sell all items on this page "as-is". However, we do try our best to meet our customers expectations. If you purchase a rod and feel the state does not match what you viewed on our website, we're happy to discuss this with you to find a resolution we're both happy with!


  • W&M “Queen Of Waters” 9053 – 9’0” – 3/2 – 19/64” & 13/64” F – 7wt

    W&M nickel silver uplocking reel seat-W&M RHW grip-Nickel silver winding check-W&M nickel silver ferrules (have Ex fit)-Granger green wraps tipped black-Dark ammonia treated cane-Finish in good serviceable shape-Original W&M bag and original W&M factory case


    Shortcomings = Reel seat mechanism is frozen and needs to be removed and repaired or replaced (I’m furnishing an extra correct W&M reel seat-Please see photo)-First snake guide is missing on mid section & second has a foot protruding through its wrap, also a few of the snake guides are oxidized and should be cleaned up-Lastly mid female ferrule and one tip top guide are loose and need to be reset


    A rare rod in need of some TLC


    Price: $250.00


    Inv. Number: BR356

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