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  • Goodwin Granger GF7633 “Favorite” - 7’6” – 3/2 – 4wt – 15/64 & 10/64 F

    Goodwin Granger stamped nickel silver up locking reel seat (has a single dent, which is pictured)-RHW (Western) grip is new-Nickel silver winding check-Granger

    Favorite stamped on butt-Granger “Favorite” wraps (variegated main wraps trimmed yellow with yellow intermediates) over dark ammonia treated cane-Varnished finish-Comes with Original Bag & Tube (tube has partial label)


    Condition: EX Restored-Complete restoration done by South Creek Ltd. in 2012-One tip appears to be a Wright & McGill replacement and is of the correct taper and 3x3 node spacing-This one has not been fished since it was restored


    A gorgeous and rare rod!


    Price: $1595.00


    Inv. Number: BRC2111

  • Partridge “Golden Shadow” – 9’0” – 2/1 – 7/8wt – 5.7oz

    Down locking reel seat with bright hardware and a beautiful wooden insert and butt cap that appears to be walnut?-6 ¾” full wells grip in very nice shape (no ridging or hook keeper digs)-Bright winding check-Snake guide hook keeper-Bright English twist guides-Bright well made ferrules with excellent fit-Tan wraps, trimmed maroon over blond cane-Varnish finish-Tip section is ¾” shorter than the butt, which I believe was made that way-Butt is Inked: Partridge “Golden Shadow” ~ Made in England ~ 9ft #7/8-Comes with what looks to be the original bag, however it has someone’s personal inking that refers to a Scott 4wt-Sorry no tube-Condition is Excellent Plus, Plus!


    I cast this one with the Wulff TT6 & TT7 lines and it performed very well with both, feeling really good in the 30’-70’+ ranges. Probably would throw an 8WF line nicely as well, but with that said; I personally liked it with the TT6.


    A beautiful rod suited for big fish and big waters!


    Price: $249.00


    Inv. Number: BR440

  • Walton Powell 8’6” – 2/1 (With a 2nd Spare Tip) – 4.6 oz -14 F – 5/6 wt

    This is an early made in Paradise, Calif. rod (1950’s/early 1960’s), with a Walton early uplocking reel seat with grooved keyway-ECP style grip in very nice shape-Bent wire hook keeper-Carmel Brown wraps over dark cane- Chromed guides-Nickel silver step down ferrules have excellent fit-Serial #0130 on butt & tip sections- Made by Walton Powell script was lost somewhere along the way, but obviously a Walton Paradise era rod-Both sections full length, tip has a slight kick to the left out at the end-Comes with an extra Walton Powell ferruled tip purchased from Jim Clarkson that could be wrapped out or kept as a spare backup-Non original bag & tube-Condition = Very Good Plus, Plus


    I cast this one with the Wulff TT5 & TT6 lines and it loaded and performed beautifully with both, whether casting in close or shooting line out to 60-70 ft. With the TT6 it loaded deeper into the butt, slowing it down some and felt really smooth on delivery! I would say it displayed a med/fast action with the TT5 and a medium action with the TT6. I also have to note that this is one of the nicest feeling Walton Powell 8 ½ footers I have ever cast! And I have cast a bunch of them over the years.


    Price: $495.00


    Inv. Number: BRC2028

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