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We're back, just in time for Spring fishing!




Welcome to our website and please accept our sincere apology for having been down so long. We are dealing with an illness within our immediate family and as a result, we have not had a lot of spare time to devote to the site and company this past year.


Because of customer demand and the need to move a few items through our inventory, we decided to re-open access to the site.


So while our family situation is still ongoing, we decided the best way to re-open is to simplify our site for now. The list will still contain full descriptions of each item, but there won’t be any photos accompanying them as in the past.


With that being said, if you see an item you’re interested in and photos are a requirement in order to make the sale, please feel free to email or call us with your request for photos of that particular item or items and we will be happy to take pictures and forward them to you.


Happy trails,

Russ Gabel & Family


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